Amir Hossein Kargaran

CE Dept. at Sharif Univ. of Tech., Tehran, Iran.


Hi there! I am an M.Sc. student at the Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, where I work on the Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction. I am supervised by Dr. Abbas Heydarnoori. Summer 2021 and 2022, I was a research assistant in the User Interfaces Research Group led by Prof. Antti Oulasvirta at Aalto University. We study and implement different user interface evaluation metrics and provided them as a service in Aalto Interface Metrics.

Before starting my M.Sc., I completed two B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, where I was a research assistant for Dr. Iman Izadi and Dr. Mohammad Hossein Manshaei.


Sep 8, 2022 My new website is live 🎉

selected publications

  1. WEBSCI 2021
    Wide-AdGraph: Detecting Ad Trackers with a Wide Dependency Chain Graph
    Amir Hossein Kargaran, Mohammad Sadegh Akhondzadeh, Mohammad Reza Heidarpour, Mohammad Hossein Manshaei, Kave Salamatian, and Masoud Nejad Sattary
    In 13th ACM Web Science Conference 2021 2021
  2. ADCHEM 2021
    Analytical Derivation and Comparison of Alarm Similarity Measures
    Amir Hossein Kargaran, Amir Neshastegaran, Iman Izadi, and Ehsan Yazdian
    IFAC-PapersOnLine 2021